Charity – 3d Battalion, 11th Marines (3/11) Foundation

During the 2011 reunion, members of the 3d Battalion, 11th Marines Association formed a relationship with the Marines of the Marine Wounded Warrior Detachment at Brooke Army Medical Center of Joint Base San Antonio.  Subsequently, the Association was able to support some projects for the Marines.  As interest in helping the Marines increased, it became apparent that an ad hoc organization could not accomplish the task.  The 3d Battalion, 11th Marines Foundation was established on October 14, 2013, in order to more effectively assist the Marines of the Wounded Warrior Detachment and to help other Marine Wounded Warriors, as needed (see Mission Statement).

The 3/11 Foundation is an Internal Revenue Service-recognized 501(c)(3) charity incorporated in the State of Texas.   Federal tax ID 46-4240572

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Chris Bryde, Marine Wounded Warrior,
at the 2023 Marine Corps Trials
Medals Won: Gold medal for Archery (Recurve/Seated), Silver in Breaststroke (Men’s50/m), Bronze Wheelchair Rugby (scored six tries), Backstroke (Men’s50/m) and Rowing (4-minute sprint).