United States Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment

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The United States Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment is committed to the recovery and success of Marines whether they are assigned to the regiment, remain with a parent unit, or have already transitioned to civilian life. We keep faith with Marines through our various types of support, ranging from section leaders and recovery care coordinators supporting active duty Marines to the District Injured Support Coordinators/Field Support Representatives and call center representatives assisting reserve and veteran Marines.

WWR also offers the support of Clinical Care Advocates (CCA), licensed clinical social workers, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, or physician assistants who are located at WWR and Battalions and work closely with WII Marines and medical staff to help determine the most appropriate resources for medical and psychological issues. CCA’s are available to assist throughout all levels of support.


The regimental headquarters, located in Quantico, Virginia, commands the operation of two Wounded Warrior Battalions and multiple detachments in locations around the globe, including major military treatment facilities and Department of Veterans Affairs Polytrauma Rehabilitation Centers. We have Marine leaders standing shoulder-to-shoulder with our warriors and families. Regardless of location, our services are available to the total force – active duty, reserve, and veteran Marines and their families.